PPC Campaign Setup

A Pay Per Click campaign should be setup based on budget and can be categorised into products, services and offerings. This allows budgets to be adjusted to areas that are performing or not converting. Businesses vary between each other so the marketing plan should be customised to its own needs. Below are some examples of businesses and how possibly they can setup their Pay Per Click campaign.

Nissan Sunnyvale.

Nissan Sunnyvale Website

Nissan Sunnyvale Website

Campaigns can be created for each of their core business lines.

Campaign Adgroup
New Vehicles One for each model
New car deals
Used Vehicles One for each model
Used car deals
Finance Incentives
Grad Program
Service Maintenance
Parts One for each of the common parts

Campaigns can be created for each of their car models and common adgroups can be duplicated the across campaigns.

Campaign Duplicated Adgroups
Altima Incentives
Cube Preowned
Versa New
Maxima Features
Sentra Test Drive

Campaigns can also be created at a more detailed level. For example individual campaigns for specific car parts and accessories and broken down further into adgroups that can be duplicated or specific.

Campaign Adgroups
Carpeted Floor Mats Online
Rear Spoiler Altima
Tires 15
Car Radio Cube
Merchandise T-shirts

There is no right or wrong way of setting up campaigns, but budgets and goals should be considered to make life easier when managing them.

By Trung Tran

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