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Companies that have decided to purchase their own new gTLD for use in an open or a closed registry should consider reserving some second level domain names for use to promote and build authority. The success of the domain extension will be determined on how it is managed, what customers have committed to hosting websites on it and how it is marketed to the general population.

Some of the generic examples that should be utilized by the registry are:

1. search.gtld

This domain can be used as a default page to search on all second level domains active on the current the new gtld. Promoting and using a generic second level domain will allow users to search directly to find the information they require. This will require heavy promotion to build awareness as well a good search algorithm and a comprehensive list of websites hosted on the gTLD. If enough of the market adopts the new gTLD as the authorative  source on a subject matter it can take some market share in terms of search from players like google. It will take time and will be big ask to get webmasters to move their websites to the new gTLD.

For example instead of searching Google for a book you can search directly on The website should return results on details about the book but also all the websites that sell the book on that particular gTLD.

2. www.gtld

This domain can be used as the default registry homepage. This page can be used to list information about the registry, rules on registration, how they can obtain a domain name, dispute resolution process

The below is an example of – you can see that it is just a landing page that does not offer anything useful for the visitor. A generic domain like this should be put to better use.

3. mail.ngtld

This wouldn’t specifically be used as a website but instead as a default mail server. This email setting will be very easy for users to remember when it comes to setting up accounts in mobile devices and computers.

4. whois.ngtld

A site that allows the lookup of the owner/registrant of a second level domain name. Similar to

5. webmail.ngtld

A generic service that allows access to email addresses found on the new gtld. Similar to other services like that can be customized for use on the gTLD.

6. ns1.ngtld and ns2.ngltd

These domains can be used as default nameservers to park newly registered second level domains.

7. privacy.gtld or policy.gtld

Privacy statement can be placed on this domain as well as other general information about websites contained in the space.

8. news.gtld

This can be used as general news portal for the industry or even to promote websites on the extension.

Other suggestions can include:


New gTLD owners may also want to prohibit offensive and inappropriate domain names from being registered as well.

Not all of these domain suggestions are appropriate for new gTLD owners but they should be a starting point in discussions to ensure a well managed new gTLD.


The personal views expressed in this post are valid at the time of publishing however due to the changing nature of the internet, my opinion may change.

By Trung Tran

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