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PPC Campaign Setup

A Pay Per Click campaign should be setup based on budget and can be categorised into products, services and offerings. This allows budgets to be adjusted to areas that are performing or not converting. Businesses vary between each other so the marketing plan should be customised to its own needs. Below are some examples of businesses and how possibly they can setup their […]

new gTLDs – Default Domains

Companies that have decided to purchase their own new gTLD for use in an open or a closed registry should consider reserving some second level domain names for use to promote and build authority. The success of the domain extension will be determined on how it is managed, what customers have committed to hosting websites on […]

Domain Name Migration

I sometimes get questions about moving a site to a new URL. There are many things website owners need to consider when making the domain name change and some of these are listed below: 1. Ensure current site is free from broken links. It sounds obvious but if you have a site that has many pages and does […]