Canon EOS M Street Test

Over the weekend San Francisco had some really good weather so I used it as an opportunity to use the new Canon EOS M I had just purchased.

The lenses I used are the EF-M 18-55 IS and the EF-S 55-250 IS which both are found in canon camera kits.

I shot about 200 images for the day and these were some of things that stood out.

On and off button is the same as compact cameras. In bright sunlight and with sunglasses on, it was difficult to tell if the camera was on or off.  A Canon DLSR has a switch which can easily show whether the camera is on or off.

In bright light the LCD was also very difficult to see, I found it hard to operate the camera and would frequently use my left hand to shield the screen so I can see the focus area on the screen or navigating the menu. This also meant manual settings are difficult to use in the field on bright sunny days.

Battery power is weak. I managed about 190 shots and a few 1 minute videos before the battery was exhausted. I would recommend others to buy additional batteries. Third party batteries can do 80% of the job for 20% of the price of an OEM Battery. Third Party Batteries can be purchased on Ebay or Here.

With the EF-S 55-250 IS lens, focus was slow and hunted a lot on distant objects when fully zoomed in. I attribute this to the handling of the camera. It’s a small camera so it can be difficult to hold it steady on the telephoto end. The speed of this lens is slow and I would not recommend using it for fast moving subjects. However it is possible to get shots but the hit rate will be low.

One other thing I noticed is the review button got activated a few times while using a neck strap. Occasionally it would hit my body and the green indicator would flash on. The same happens with the 40D so I hope they redesign the button to avoid these accidental bumps.

This camera is very compact compared to DSLRs. I had some comments that it looked like a toy but for the most part I did not have any second looks about the gear I was carrying. It was good to carry a camera that didn’t get you noticed and light on the shoulders.

Some Point and shoot snaps with the EOS M.

Crissy Field San Francisco

Crissy Field San Francisco

Red Alfa Romeo

Red Alfa Romeo

By Trung Tran

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