Cannot Read Licence File WHM

Cpanel licences are tied to IP addresses and when they expire you will get a message to prompt you to install the licence and insure it is active.

This has occurred a number of times when my hosting provider forgot to extend the license or they renewed it on a different IP address.

The most recent time where the licence had expired on the main IP address, I was without WHM access on and off for over a 3 week period. The hosting provider could not figure out the problem or just did not want to deal with it. I was about to change providers but I tried one last thing and it has so far resolved the issue.

First thing to do is check your IP address and make sure the licence is active.

cannot read license file

I had tested my main server IP and it showed it as expired. There was another IP address in the same block that my server uses that my hosting provider had extended the license on.

To fix the issue.

Get the Hosting provider to put the Cpanel license back on to the previous server IP address.

If they fail to do this, you need to move the licence to the new IP address.

Log in to SSH, and do the following:

Use your favorite editor to edit this file


Replace the old primary IP with the new primary IP.

Update cpanel by running this script


WHM should be assigned to the new IP address now.

Login to WHM

Restart the server to make sure the change is permanent.

By Trung Tran

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